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Price includes processed photos only. Original (RAW) files remain with the photographer.

It’s not allowed to use filters or additionally edit finished photos.

Selection of photos for processing is done by the photographer.

Photographer can use the finished photos in the portfolio and/or as an advertising (unless agreed otherwise).

Before ordering a photoshoot please look through the portfolio and make sure that style of the photos and color correction fits your taste.

Photographer can change the prices of services. This doesn’t apply to already booked shootings, as well as purchased gift certificates - in these cases initial price remains.

In case client wants a studio shoot: Studio rent is not included in the price and is paid by the client separately.

By booking a photoshoot, client agrees to the conditions above.




The following locations are great for lifestyle photography:

Outside: in the forest, by the sea, in the field, by the lake, in open-air museums, in the Old Town;

At your home: cozy home environment is perfect for family shooting or love stories.

If options listed above do not suit you and you want to shoot in a studio, then it is better to choose a minimalistic studio with natural light and without unnecessary decor, in which case we can make wonderful portraits.


It’s better to go with uni-coloured pieces of clothing in neutral or natural shades.

For example, black, dark blue, natural white, shades of khaki, brown, beige, grey. 

My advice is to avoid prints, patterns, lettering and bright colours, because  such details will draw attention away from you and can also "cheapen" the photo.

You don't have to overdress, basic clothes will be great.And the main thing is that the clothes are comfortable for you, so during the shooting you don’t have to be distracted by inconveniences.

For family and couple shootings it’s not necessary to dress identical, it is enough that the style of all characters match well together.

In make-up and hair I suggest to go with “The more natural, the better” :)

I correct minor problems of the skin and do a little basic retouching, but I don’t transform people beyond recognition.








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